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The eyes are a complex part of our body and at Larbalestier Opticians, we understand you will have many questions and concerns. The information gathered is what we are most asked about. Please contact us if you would like more information.


Types Of Lenses

Spectacle Lenses

At Larbalestier Opticians we recommend the best lenses for you, offering the very latest technological developments. Not all lenses are the same. Uniquely in Guernsey, all dispenses are actually carried out by a qualified Optician (no unqualified dispensing), so you will receive the most expert advice, measurements and fittings.

Unique to Larbalestier Opticians (and the only opticians in Guernsey), all lenses that we dispense now come with Crizal UV coating as standard giving you 6 protection benefits;

  • Reduce glare
  • Resist scratches (Crizal Forte UV has a 2 year guarantee against scratches)
  • Resist smudges
  • Repel dust
  • Repel water
  • Protect against UV

Innovative lens technology reduces glare from the sun and car headlights, helping you see better; reduces headaches and eye fatigue from using digital devices. Crizal UV is the best E-SPF (Eye Sun Protection Factor) available on a clear lens.

Crizal UV

Crizal Easy UV – these lenses are not only cost effective, they offer excellent glare and scratch resistance, along with smudge resistance, it also comes with UV protection.

Crizal Forte UV – give your eyes the best available protection, on a clear lens, against damaging UV light. It is also guaranteed against scratches and defects for 2 years.

Crizal Prevencia – UV light from the sun can cause cataracts, while blue light can cause AMD. By choosing Crizal Prevencia, you are protecting your eyes on a daily basis and maintaining your long term eye health. At the same time, it lets in good light that regulates sleep and mood, and boosts brain activity.

Xperio Polarising lenses

More than just a sun lens, these lenses eliminate glare, enhance colour and contrast, whilst protecting the eyes from damaging UV rays. They are ideal for driving, being at sea or on the beach, sports, other outdoor activities, and for people with light sensitivity. For extra comfort and clarity these are recommended to be combined with Crizal Sun UV coating. With standard sunglasses the light that comes from the sides and the back of your lenses is reflected back into your eyes. Crizal Sun UV protects against this as well as smudges and scratch resistance on both sides, which they are cleaner, twice as easy to clean and last longer.

Xperio polarising lenses have an Eye-Sun Protection Factor of 50+, which means they give your eyes 50 times more protection than wearing no lenses. They come in a range of colours including brown, grey, grey-green, blue sky, violet, blue purple. All these lenses are now available in either full tints or graduated these lenses are available as prescription lenses of all types including single vision and varifocal. Come in store to see the samples of these excellent lenses.

Transitions lenses

The Transitions range of photochromic lenses adapt to changing light. They have the latest light control technology to be more responsive than ever before whilst protecting you against UV. Our Crizal Transitions lenses provide 25 times more UV protection than without any lenses.

Transitions XTRActive – going extra dark in sunny conditions and also darkening inside the car, these lenses offer superior visual comfort.

Transitions Signature – the everyday lenses that automatically adjust from clear to dark and every shade in between

Transitions Graphite Green – from classic to cutting-edge style, you can transform any pair of regular glasses into a striking look all on your own.

Satisfaction guarantee – Larbalestier Opticians with exchange your Transitions lenses to clear lenses at no cost if you are not satisfied with your Transitions lenses.

Optifog UV

Stay fog free. You no longer need to suffer the inconvenience, embarrassment or danger of fogged-up lenses. Clean your Optifog lenses daily with the Optifog Smart Textile and washing them with water every two weeks. Stay fog free whatever the conditions, and get the daily defence against UV to protect the long term health of your eyes.


We are the only Varilux specialist on the island offering you the very latest varifocal technology. From the inventors of varifocal lenses, Varilux gives dynamic clarity and greater comfort whilst providing natural vision near, far and in between. All Varilux lenses are tested and approved by wearers to ensure your satisfaction, including fast and easy adaption. With Varilux lenses adaption is guaranteed. Varilux lenses come as standard with Crizal UV and can be made as clear, Transitions or Xperio polarised.

Eyecode Personalisation

A tailored solution. Our Eyecode measurement system tailors your lenses perfectly to you and your eyes, giving you flawless clarity. Lenses designed using Eyecode are up to five times more precise than standard versions, resulting in considerably more accurate vision. Standard lenses are manufactured on the basis that everybody has the same Eye Rotation Centre (ERC). In reality this can vary by as much as 30%. Eyecode gathers 3D measurements to produce a highly accurate, tailored lens specification unique to you. Eyecode personalisation is available on Varilux and Single Vision lenses.

Lenses for the digital age

Switch vision quickly and easily between near and mid distances, without the need for varifocals. These are recommended if you need a near vision correction, find your reading glasses have limitations and find it annoying to continually change your glasses. They are particularly useful for office based work.

Combine with Crizal Prevencia and protect against harmful blue light.