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Dry / Watery Eye

Dry/ Watery Eye

Dry Eye Syndrome (dry eye) is a very common condition that occurs when the eyes do not make enough tears or evaporate too quickly and is particularly common of those over 40. Symptoms include feelings of dryness, grittiness, soreness, blurred vision, itching, eyelids sticking together and watery eyes. The excessive watering is caused by dry eyes, as your eye produces more water to combat the dryness.

Common causes include; cold and wind, work environment, hormones, age, laser surgery, medications and other conditions.

Tears are made up of 3 layers. If the balance of these 3 layers is not normal and is disrupted, this can cause the tears to evaporate. Whether the symptoms are minor and you can live with it, or are much more intrusive, it is recommended that you receive treatment at an early stage to avoid further problems to your eyes, such as corneal damage and being more prone to infections such as conjunctivitis.

The tear film and meibomian glands of the eyelids requires a proper assessment before deciding on the course of treatment, as just trying a range of drops won’t necessarily help, even if they are from your GP. Meibomian glands secrete the oily part of your tears and their dysfunction can cause dry eye and belpharitis. We have the technology to view and digitally record photos/video of your meimobiam glands and produce a treatment plan.

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